resort facilities


Shanti includes 15 uniquely designed villas.  An exclusive enclave of serenity and comfort. Each was tastefully furnished with gazebo and veranda. An architectural masterpiece set in beautifully landscaped settings.


Our accommodation comprises of:


Suite Villas

Family Suite Villas

Pool Villas

Garden Villas

Barkada Villas


Go ahead… take your pick from our private villas…. and make your reservation today.


After all, this is your private breathing space.




Our infinity edge pool offers a stunning view of the entirety of the resort. This is one of the highlights of Shanti. There are small cottages at the poolside. Romantic soft white cushions are ready to comfort you. Plunge in to our refreshing pool. Feel the warm water. Enjoy the lush green gardens and the surrounding views. Be captivated.


Shanti Spa Center

Soothing aromas.  Soft mystical music. Your unforgettable moment of wellness starts here.


…Sauna – details will be added soon


…Steam  – details will be added soon


…Volcanic Ash Pool – details will be added soon


…Mud Pool – details will be added soon


…Jacuzzi – details will be added soon


…Massage Rooms – details will be added soon


…Treatment Area – details will be added soon


…Shower Rooms – details will be added soon


Mini Gym

Let’s get physical!  Work on your cardio and resistance. Refresh through our complimentary chilled energy drinks. Towels are handy to wipe off those sweats. This facility is available exclusively to resort guests.


Outdoor Gazebos

Designed for meditation and relaxation. Gazebos are located near the creek to achieve a very secluded and quiet time alone.  Feel the tranquility, breath fresh air.. feel and listen the sound of wind!


Outdoor Treatment Areas

These are open-type pavilions. Foot spa/ foot & hand massage/ back massage can be done here. Located near the creek to maintain a very serene atmosphere. Water works nearby help to give a mind-calming effect.


Outdoor Body Massage Areas

Treat yourself to a very relaxing massage. Make it EXTRAordinary using our outdoor pavilions. Enjoy nature’s natural sound. Be pampered. Be at ease.



Terrace Restaurant is dramatically built on the mid-terrain. A great view is always at your service. Here, we serve delectable food all set to delight your appetite.


Altitude Café is located at the upper terrain. Capture a magnificent spot!BalayanBay view is the main attraction.Sunrise & sunset is next in line. Order your favorite coffee… savor the aroma… enjoy every moment!


Rainforest Bar is situated on the lower terrain. High trees surround the bar. This gives an enjoyable breezy feeling. This is the perfect place to sip a refreshing drink.




This sits at the quiet corner of the Lobby. Give in to a relaxing business atmosphere. This is combined with a Library where a variety of books, magazines and newspapers are available. Broadband Internet and WIFI access are also available to guests free of charge.


…Gift Shop

Take your pick from our great gift stand. Bring it home for friends and loved ones. Our gift shop sells daily necessities, souvenirs and branded Shanti products. Spa products are also available like essential oils, aromatic floating candles and scented soaps. Bring home the Shanti legacy.



Pray silently inside our mini Mosque. Embrace the moment of silence. This is your moment of prayer. A moment of personal reflection and meditation.



Banquet Area

Multi-purpose pavilion is designed for group yoga classes, nature-style seminars and special events like wedding. Open air theatre presents a very good audio and video system. Enough space is considered for outdoor weddings, cultural shows, etc. Invite a good number of friends for a memorable event. A hillside garden setting is sure to give a majestic touch.


Children’s Wonderland

This is sited afar from villas and massage/relaxation areas. Kids will love to play around here. Garden landscape is thoughtfully designed to attract kids. This place is kid-friendly. All possible safety precautions are accounted, so mom and dad got nothing to worry about.


Maya Bird Sanctuary

Birds are incredibly diverse and each species is beautiful in its own way.  They fill the air with song. They warn us of storms. They dance to display their intentions to capture the affections or chase away enemies.  Love birds for their freedom. Enjoy these colorful creatures. Be amused by their chirping sounds. You can tell they are just happy to be free and flying. We offer birds of different types. This way, you’re one step closer with the nature.


Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary


“Love is like a butterfly.  It goes where it pleases and it pleases wherever it goes.”  ~Author Unknown


Butterflies are one of the most beautiful, tranquil and amazing insects to behold. Observing butterflies in the garden is a great way to learn about them. We offer a great and enjoyable butterfly educational experience. Wander around. See new butterflies emerge in tropical surroundings. This sanctuary has been carefully designed to provide our resident butterflies with the best possible conditions. We offer our visitors excellent opportunities to see and enjoy them. Be entertained by our beautiful butterflies as they fly freely on this sanctuary.


Hidden Man-Made Falls With Pool

One of the mysteries of Shanti. Cool water from the falls lifts the spirit. Refresh with our nature style pool.  >>>>>>> more details to be added soon


Outdoor Labyrinth

Labyrinth is a walking meditation. This is another way to integrate mind, body and spirit. Take time. Space out of your normal world. Connect with your spirit. Reflect on your life journey. This is what the sacred space of the labyrinth and the winding paths offer you.


Helicopter Pad (Heliport)

Shanti is the only resort in the district with a helicopter pad. Guests wanting to avoid the 60-minute drive from the NAIA airport can opt for a direct helicopter transfer to the resort in just a matter of 20-minutes.